Organic Agriculture has a very decisive role to play in the current world scenario where Food Security and Food Safety are highly challenged. However, the potential of organic farming is not fully realized by many. In its report 'Organic Agriculture and Food Security' the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has identified organic agriculture as a Priority Area for addressing both local and global food security challenges. FAO proclaims Organic Farming as the single window solution for fighting hunger and food scarcity, tackling climate change – a venture good for farmers, consumers and the environment. World over the importance of Organic Agriculture and demand for organic products are increasing at a phenomenal rate. In the past few years, expanding global markets for organic foods have seen annual growth rates of 15 to 40 %. This growth is more prominent in Europe, theUnited States andJapan. Due to the enhanced awareness for healthy food among the consumers all over the world, market appreciation of organic products has gone up tremendously.

But the organic producers are finding it difficult to match with the ever increasing demand. There are many initiatives and efforts being taken to augment organic agriculture at various levels and different places. But most of these initiatives have failed make their impact as they are scattered and isolated. In this context, Foundation for Organic Agriculture and Rural Development (Organic Foundation) was envisaged to function as a Not-for-Profit organization facilitating collaboration among the different stakeholders of the organic agriculture sector like –individual farmers and farmer organizations, individual consumers and consumer organizations, NGOs, corporate bodies, research institutions and government bodies. This interface organization shall complement and strengthen the activities of all the stakeholders in Organic Agriculture sector. Organic Foundation will also act as knowledge and learning centre to strengthen organic agriculture and rural development in its full diversity and potential.


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